Santa Madness

Project info:

Ho, Ho, Ho, HELP!!! It’s crunch time at Santa’s workshop. Lend a hand to Santa and his team of eccentric helpers as they race to deliver gifts to all the good girls and boys around the world.

Soar through the sky on Santa’s special sleigh and drop presents down the chimneys of the houses you pass over. Make sure you aim well, because if you miss the chute you’ll have to start over! Collect candies as you fly through the sky and use them to unlock all of the helpers on Santa’s team. Each new character will take you on a journey to another new fantastical area of the globe. Santa’s helpers will also be rewarded with surprise gifts as they deliver more and more gifts successfully!

This holiday season, whether you’re naughty or nice; help Santa on his quest is our advice!

Santa Madness features:
- Easy Tap-to-Play controls
- Challenging Gameplay
- Colorful landscapes that will bring a lot of joy to your world
- A fantasy land full of fun characters to unlock